How much does it cost?

  • 10 Cents an email.  plus a small order fee.
  • So 100 emails for about $10. Not bad, right?

How Does it work?

  • You make a profile(easier than Facebook or Instagram).
  • You pick the days, towns and venues.
  • Use our template or customize your email with HTML
  • Send off order, hear back directly from venues.
  • Melt faces, sleep in van, see the world, repeat

So, Indie Booker, it’s like only indie bands right?

  • Pshaw to that.
  • Rapper dude, we got you fam.
  • Metalhead, jump in the pit.
  • Singer-songwriter, we won’t leave you like your ex-girlfriend did.
  • Jazz band, better practice your modes cause we’ll be Lydian you on down the road.
  • Electronic – we’ll sync you up.
  • Punk – Yo gabba gabba.
  • Get the idea? We take all kinds of music. We just can’t come up with bad puns for the rest. (send us your bad puns, we’ll add it to the list)

What magical wizardry happens when we place the order?

  • David Blaine would be jealous. We do a quick read through of your bio and copy edit if needed,
  • check your links to make sure they work.
  • Check the venues to see if anything needs updating.
  • The order is sent within 48 hours, we do float stuff around holidays though, so your emails aren’t lost in the pile of Black Friday promotions.
  • This also gives you a chance if you forgot something, you have time to fix it.

So, do I have to learn a lot to do this?

  • No more than signing up for Facebook or Instagram.
  • We have videos here to show you how easy it is.
  • Or contact Chris here.

How do I sign up?

What’s the difference?

  • Glad you asked. Band accounts have one artist.
  • Agent accounts, you can set up multiple artists and allow multiple people to book those artists.

Where do you have venues?

  • Most are in the U.S., we also have Canada and the UK
  • The rest of Europe is coming!

Where do you get your venues?

  • Research, and suggestions from bands.
  • You tell us! we give you 25 cents credit per venue. 4 new venues = 10 emails.

So, why are you doing this?

  • Years ago Justin Lamoureaux was booking bands and he said,  “I need a system to get all these emails out super quick.” To which he then thought, “I can empower bands that can’t afford agent prices to book like an agent.”
  • Later Chris and Derek came along and we’re all like, “Yo bro, let’s talk about Maps.” and Version 2 was born.


  • Yes, Maps. Don’t get us wrong, lists are super cool, but you gotta know all those suburbs and stuff.
  • Now, you just draw a circle around the area you want to email for that day.

But, I want to narrow down by size, type of venue, or I really don’t want to play “X Bar”

  • you can easily filter, remove, add them back.

Questions on how to use the site, tour, email advice?

Did the 1’s and 0’s get crossed? All tech problems